Watch out for that Curb

Posted on September 15, 2017

It has been said that "if you build it, they will come"... but establishing a physical location is only part of starting and building a successful business.  You also have to make sure "they" hear about your business, which is why I spent the majority of February 2009 distributing fliers from the passenger side of my mom's car.  At first this was a fun task and didn't even feel like work.  We drank apple cider, listened to the radio, explored new neighborhoods, stopped for sushi breaks, walked at a leisurely pace and dreamed about what Puptown Charlotte would become.

After distributing fliers 9 hours a day for 3 straight weeks, it began to feel like work.  We ditched the leisurely pace and adopted a more efficient delivery method.  My mom slowed the car as we approached each driveway, while I leaned my torso through the open window and stuffed fliers into every newspaper holder we passed.  It was more efficient, though not particularly comfortable, warm or safe. When I decided I no longer wanted to dangle half my body out of a moving vehicle, my mom accommodated by angling closer to the curb.  My lips, numb from the cold February air, could barely form the words "watch out" before we heard a loud scraping noise and the car lurched to a stop.  My mom had run into the cement curb, and her wheel covers had the marks to prove it.

New things are exciting and exhilarating but they can also be uncertain and scary.  And dangerous for car wheels.  This blog is new and I will consider it a success if it entertains, informs, and provides an additional way to interact with Puptown Charlotte's customers.  Like anything new, it is simultaneously exciting and scary, but at least no car wheels or curbs will be damaged during the writing of this blog.